Since February, 2010 internal application of Vinilina is renewed! Ask in drugstores Vinilin for internal application!


In the data base of research works of Bashkorstan Republic there is the work titled “Diagnostics, precaution and therapy of animal diseases”, Academic advisor is Guschin P.Ya., Doctor of Biological sciences.(Bashkir Research Center of Russian Agricultural Sciences Academy and Academy of Sciences of Bushkorstan Republic).

According to the researches by Guschin the administration of aqueous alcoholic oil emulsion of Vinylinum as a single set with ethacridine lactate for the cows with endometritis (abdominal mucous membrane inflammation ) sets the broken microbiocenosis of metra and intestinal tract out. [1].

In 60s the preparation named ROSK was tested at the production department of Veterinarian Bacteriological Laboratory. The deficient fish oil was changed into the cheap oleic acid] for this preparation. However, the efficiency of the preparation remained the same. So that the result of the preparation administration were good for trichophytia.[2].

ROSK is recommended for the curing of the domestic animals like cats and dogs infected with trichophytia. [3].