Since February, 2010 internal application of Vinilina is renewed! Ask in drugstores Vinilin for internal application!


Shostakovskiy Balsam produces the healing effect for many pathogenic processes in mouth cavity tissues like stomatitis, glossitis, periodontitis of different degrees, leukoplakia, intolerance or irrigative action of plastic cast.

Vinylinum was found out as the very efficient prophylactic drug and therapeutic agent used while carrying out the beam therapy due to oncological diseases of maxillo facial area and for after beam therapy damages on oral mucosa.

For the disposal of unpleasant flavor especially for more sensitive patients the extract or oil of peppermint is added to balsam mixture. A patient should get 1-1,5ml of medicine directly from the bottle. Then the patient should actively apply medicine all over the mouth mucous with the tongue making the movements like mouth washing during 5-8 minutes.