Since February, 2010 internal application of Vinilina is renewed! Ask in drugstores Vinilin for internal application!

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. This fact is old and approved. That is why one night I found myself wearing an apron at the stove. I was looking through the cooking book and reading a recipe about proper way and that is most important delicious one for grilled chicken. My boyfriend was to come by seven o clock but almost nothing was ready. I was nervous being in a hurry. I wanted to put my best foot on it. As a result when I opened the oven to check the chicken the boiling oil shot onto my hand

The pain was horrible, the hand was sore. But I had to do something with the burn as fast as possible and finish cooking dinner. I tried variety of measures: washing the burn with the flowing water, applying some butter. But nothing helped. I dropped in my neighbors apartment. Aunty Valya is the nurse in regional hospital. She treated the burn with some ointment and I ran back to the kitchen. The pain disappeared somehow. And the color of burn changed into light pink of maroon. I even did not remember why it happened. But the date was super nice!

Only the next day Aunty Valya told me the "magic remedy "that saved my date was Vinylinum.