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Experimental conclusion

Vinylinum as an alternative for the Peru balsam at some erosive and ulcerous processes .

Our attendance of Vinylinum efficiency were preformed partially at stationary conditions in skin clinic and partially at outpatient conditions at the 18th Health locality of Yaroslavskiy train station. We prescribed Vinylinum in all cases when it was necessary to administrate the ointment like Mikulich type.

The number of patients there were not calculated as that ointment was widely administrated there as the other ones used in dermato - venereology.

By the kind assistance of Organic chemistry department by Academy of Sciences of USSR represented by M.F. Shostakovskiy the Professor we had an opportunity to supervise the effect of Balsam Shostakovskiy in Dermatological and venereologic practice for some erosive and ulcerous skin processes.

Vinylinum was administrated in the way of bandages, cocoon dressing with the pure Vinylinum or ointment of Mikulich type. Erosive and ulcerous piodermatitis of staphylococcal and streptococcal origin (impetigo, open anthraxes and furunculus and ecthymas partially) were cleaned of scabs and purulence rather fast. The smell disappeared if it took place before. Inflammatory facts, soreness disappeared as well. In most cases the wounds were covered with the firm epithelium.

Quite favorable result was seen while Vinylinum administration for not large burns of II and III degree of various origin (several cases of thermal burn and one case of II degree burn after diathermy.

Good effect was seen during the curing of bubos and ulcers after them at soft chancre. After the puncture and removing of purulence pure Vinylinum was placed into bubo cavity. Usually it caused the decrease of inflammatory facts and progress in healing. In one case of the soft chancre the large ulcer after bubo scared in 4 weeks as well as the ulcers after the autoinoculation on the hip. Another case: a patient of 59 y.o. ( case record No. 6672, 1947) had the ataxia, dystrophia, movable kidney and soft ulcer in the area of flank bone top crista of the right side that was impossible to be healed during 3 months. In that case the complete scarring happened within 4 weeks.

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