Since February, 2010 internal application of Vinilina is renewed! Ask in drugstores Vinilin for internal application!


Vinylinum is used for the healing of not serious domestic wounds and damages as well as for serious injuries and septic wounds.

The method of application for Vinylinum dressing is the common way: the Vinylinum moistened gauze tissue is applied upon the wound. If the wound looks like a rather big cavity the Vinylinum is applied into the cavity directly. The gauze tampon is inserted. The terms of curing with Vinylinum are far less then with the application of a common wound healing remedy.

According to the opinion of the professional doctors the healing process was as fast in some cases that only the term amazing could be used for them.

The conclusion of Russian Federation Ministry of Defense

Troop unit No. 41568
14, April, 2004

Conclusion under the results of Vinylinum (Balsam Shostakovskiy) administration
FSP 42-0442328202 produced by CJSC Sovchemtech.

Within 5 years more then 200 patients with pustular dermhelminthiasis at the stage of cicatrisation and epithilization were cured with the administration of Vinylinum remedy produced by CJSC Sovchemtech. In comparison with another group of patients who did not get the remedy mentioned above the terms of healing were decreased for 3,6 - 4,1 days.
Thus it should be noticed that the administration of Vinylinum remedy produced by CJSC Sovchemtech has the obvious efficiency. That was proved by the practical use.