Since February, 2010 internal application of Vinilina is renewed! Ask in drugstores Vinilin for internal application!


  • Balsam Shostakovskiy (Vinylinum) favorsthe wound cleansing from necrotic tissues and regenerative processes. It gives the most effect at the second phase of wound process - epithelization goes noticeably faster.
  • Micro flora of the wound is decreased under the influence of the Balsam. Then there is non of it at all. The print preparations according to Pokrovskaya and Makarov show the great amount of active mesenchyme as a rule.
  • The synthetic balsam is an analogue to natural balsams. It can be administrated successfully for the healing of wounds and wide using in the surgical practice.


Balsam is administrated as for thermal burns as well as for the chemical ones of different severity.

The pure form of Vinylinum is used for the burns healing. Vinylinum is applied on the injured surface.

Balsam is not toxic. It does not have any bad effects for the organism no matter what dozes were used.

It has anesthetic effect. It causes fast epithelization and the following formation of soft, elastic, non tensing scar for the deep injuries (III level).