Since February, 2010 internal application of Vinilina is renewed! Ask in drugstores Vinilin for internal application!

The unique medical product that is used as an external and internal remedy. It produces an intense antiseptic, bactericidal and pharmacological effect.

Decades ago it was the remedy for our Grandparents. But nowadays it is turned into the modern and effective medical product that is easy to acquire. Moreover this product is able to compete in efficiency with the most popular medical products of Russian and foreign manufactures.
About the project:
The site is created as a project part for market promotion of one of the most effective modern Russian antiseptic products named — Vinylinum
(balzam Shostakovsky).

Despite the fact that Vinylinum was known much time ago it was taken off from the front shelves of Chemistries and undeservingly forgotten. It happened as a result of swarm attack of the consumers by the advertising of imported medicine above all.
Treatment wounds from injuries
Treatment wounds from burns

Nowadays not many people know that Vinylinum was one of few remedies used for healing wounds and burns of varying degrees during the war. In 1943 I participated in tank battle for Kursk. The great boast caused the severe burn of my face, arms and back. All the other wounded persons and me were sent to the Military hospital where I spent a month approximately.

Treatment by festering wounds, frostbites
Treatment at burn, bruise

“I would have never thought that Vinylinum could be used as an efficient remedy for healing of septic wounds , inflammatory diseases of skin, frostbites, burns or maims. A modern consumer got used to pay attention to the price while purchasing some medicine: the higher the price is the more trusted the remedy is considered to be. Vinylinum costs not much at all but what an effect you could notice! This case happened to me recently